Our passion for the underwaterworld...

left marks. First steps with underwaterphotography are made in 1987 with a Minolta 7000 in a SeaCam housing. A short time later we published in the Austrian magazine Mega Dive the first pictures and reports. Biological reports and travelling articles in several magazines followed. For many years we are working as freelancers for the dive- and travel-magazine Aquanaut. Our works and reports are in many other online- und print magazines.
During the last years we connected our photo- and journalistic work with our Internetagency "weblinedesign - technology meets design", which was founded in 2000 in Salzburg. Our passion for diving, travelling, marketing, multimedia and our contacts to tour operators and producers in the diving business have lead to numerous projects, like websites, 360° virtual tours for liveaboards and resorts, product-pictures and photos for flyer and brochures. In our portfolio you can find a short extract of our work. Our customers benefit from a archive from over 5000 pictures. If you have any suggestions, questions or interest in our work please contact us.